Homemade piccalili recipe

Is there a better treat in the world than pork pie and a pint? Maybe pork pie, a pint and piccalili. We get our pork pies from the fabulous crow farm shop. But the piccalili that we make at home!

We use ingredient from the kitchen garden (this batch has peppers,runner beans and a few tondo courgettes) alongside the standard piccalili fare. The recipe is pretty simple but like all good things take time. I know some of our regulars have been asking for the recipe- so we thought with it being pickling season we’d share it with you.


2 cucumbers (or courgettes)

3 peppers

1 good handful of runner beans

3 cauliflower 

Three white onions

5 carrots (we put white beetroot in from the garden sometimes to!)

  1. Head the cauliflower into perfect sized chunks
  2. Then fine dice the root veg  (about the size of a match head)
  3. Peel the ridges of the runner beans and the chop into half cm chunks
  4. Next it’s the onion, courgette / cucumbers and peppers – chop all into 1cm chunks
  5. Brine by sprinkling with sat.

You need to let this mix soak for 24 hours- our recipe means you don’t have to cook the veggies in the sauce so if you are short on time you can simply make the sauce now and combine later.

Ingredients for piccalili sauce

3 pints of cider vinegar

3 grated apples

450g sugar

5tsp mustard seed

5tsp fennel seed

5tsp mustard powder

5tbsp turmeric

2 tsp cumin

50g ginger

Salt to taste 

Cornflower to thicken (the apples help with the thickening but how much will depend on the size)

  1. Crush the ginger, cumin, seeds and tumeric into a blitzed powder
  2. Boil the cider vinegar, grated apples and sugar in a saucepan
  3. Mix in the flavour powder, cook for about five minutes
  4. Then slowly add the corn flour till you have a gravy like consistency
  5. Blend the brined vegetables in to the mix then place in sterilised jars

Let mature then enjoy!

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