This weeks specials

More awesome American style street food specials are available for this weekend only.

Prawn Tacos, Chilli Beef Brisket Quesadilla, Asparagus Fries, Buffalo Chicken, Goats Cheese Poutine and Vegan Churros.

Asparagus Fries – £5 English Asparagus griled in a light seasoning of lemon, salt and pepper and olive oil. These beauts are a prefect fresh alternative to fries with our awesome range of burgers and are Vegan too! Whoop!!


Prawn Tacos 3 for £9 Always insanely popular our Tacos are made 100% from scratch in the building. We use beautiful king prawns with Mango Salad, Hand chopped tomato salsa and our own handmade soft shell tortilla. With Fresh Oakleaf from our own veggie patch.

Prawn Tacos Handmade The Railway Pub and Kitchen

Hampshire Beef Chilli Quesadilla  £8 Looking for something a bit lighter than a burger but with plenty of beef (yes the pun was intended!) Then you need to try our Quesadilla we low n slow cook rubbed Hampshire Beef Brisket then add it to our on chilli mix. Served in a tortilla with grilled cheese and Oakleaf salad from our own veggie patch.

Hampshire Beef Brisket Chilli Quesadilla

Buffalo Wings , Spicy BBQ BBQ Sauce £5 An all american drinking classic. Hot wings, but importantly we use super high welfare free range Devonshire creedy carver chickens because that stuffs important to us. We rub them buffalo style then serve them with your choice of Dorset Blue Vinney Dip or Fiery BBQ

Buffalo Chicken Wing the Railway Pub and Kitchen

Rosary Goats Cheese Poutine  £6 We’ve been working on making the perfect poutine for the longest time and this version is the closet we’ve ever got the Canadian staple. Rosary Goats cheese is independently made in Salisbury and its super creamy texture melts perfectly under our home made real gravy. We add some snips of freshly cut rocket from our veg garden to perfectly round up the plate

Rosary Goats Cheese Canadian Poutine The Railway Pub and Kitchen Menu

You can order these awesome treats eat in or take away

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