The Oktoberfest 2018 Beerlist and Menu

It’s Finally here! Our Oktoberfest Mini Beer Festival- heres our beer list as we go into the beginning of the Weekend- 


ERDINGER FIESTBEER £4,50 pint- Peppery Hopped German Wheat Beer. 5.7%

SARCASM IS THE LOWEST FORM OF WIT £4,90  pint- Belgian Lemon and Lime Wheat Pilsner/ Wit . Brewed in Bath  4.4%

VIBRANT FOREST BLACK OKTOBER  £4,50 2/3 pint – Imperial Russian Stout.Brewed in Lymington  8%

UNITY AMALGAMATION  £4,50 2/3 pint- Tripel de Houblon, Part Ipa part Belgian. Brewed in Southampton 8%

MILK ST  BOOTLEG SESSION IPA  £4,00  pint – Big Hop Flavours with a lower ABV brewed in Frome 4.2%

YEOVIL POSH IPA  £4,30  pint – Late hopped IPA, brewed in Dorset 5.4%

GIPSY HILL HUNTER £4.90 440ml – All traditional German Style Helles, 40 days lagering, All German Hops 5%

GIPSY HILL HIKER  £6.00 440ml –Thick, Oaty and Wheaty Triple IPA, Drinkable and Balanced 10.3%

TINY REBEL DUTTY £3,80 330ml – Murky but juicey , Vermont style ipa   4.2%

TINY REBEL STAY PUFT  £3,80 330ml –Delicious Marshmallow Porter  5.2%

TINY REBEL CLWB TROPICANA £3,80 330ml – Spiky and tropical IPA, with plenty of fruit   5.5%

THE ORIGINAL SMALL BEER  £3,80 350ml –A brilliant lager, combing malts and hops with great mouthfeel 2.1%

ABC HOI POLLOI £3,60 330ml – Pilsner for the people! With bags of Saaz Hops  4.8%

ABC A to THE K £3,70 330ml –Oatmeal Pale Ale, full of fresh hop and tropical fruit  5.6%

ABC CHARLIE DONT SURF £3,60 330ml- Session Ipa with laid back bitter finish 4%

YEASTIEBOYS POT KETTLE STOUT  £3,60 330ml- South Pacific Style New Zealand Stout 6%

TINY REBEL PERISCOPE £4,00 pint – Juicy and sweet Perry  4.8%

TINY REBEL PROTANOPIA £4,00 pint –Delcious Caramel Red Cider 6%


IMG_2335Oktober Fest Menu

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