New Brewery Focus – Canopy Beer Co

This weekend our Craft Ale is from a new to us Brewery based in south east London – Canopy Beer Co

It’s a brewery that we are really excited to be working with as, just like us, they are small Family Business. Brewer Estelle and husband Matthew set up Canopy in 2014.

We are pouring their new cask seasonal Leap Green Hop Pale Ale – a fantastic autumnal brew. Using fresh green hops from Brixton..

There’s something great about fleeting seasonality, wouldn’t you agree? The knowledge that it’s now, or wait another year. And as the conkers hit the pavement, so our Leap Green Hop Pale Ale hits the taps again. Brewed as ever with fresh hops grown locally, harvested by a dedicated collective at the Brixton Beer Co (no, not Brixton Brewery, but we can forgive your confusion) and flung wantonly into this delicate 3.8% pale ale, this is a beer that’s a modern-day screen-grab of brewing tradition.

We certainly can’t wait to try it – Join us this weekend to try some too!

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