New! Chimichurri Cranbourne Lamb Poutine

Poutine Near Bournemouth Southampton- Ringwood Railway

We’ve been Poutine Pioneers ( we were the first pub in the UK to put Poutine on the menu) and for the last three years we’ve been improving and adding new seasonal variations to our menu.


For those uninitiated Poutine is the Canadian version of dirty fries. Traditionally served with real gravy and squeaky cheese curds.

This new poutine for our Autumn Menu edit celebrates seasonality, with local lamb and homegrown herbs making our delicious chimichurri sauce.

Our Lamb is sourced from Cranborne, around 7 miles from the Pub. Equally super low food miles (yay).

We use lamb breast which creates beautiful tender shredded meat, we then use home grown oregano and parsley to make delicious chimichurri. A traditional Argentinian Steak Sauce made from chillis  herbs and red wine vinegar. 

Check out our full menu below, then book a table !

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